Les Bibliothécaires :: A Library Music Collection (1967-1982)


Don’t sleep on this expansive labor of love – a 12+-hour mix of strange and entrancing Library Music, compiled for your listening enjoyment over on the ever-reliable Musicophilia blog. This so-called “stock” music from the 60s, 70s and 80s is a universe unto itself, full of uncanny soundscapes and environments.  “For music obsessives, discoveries usually come one or two at a time — a new artist here and again, maybe a new corner of a subgenre now and then. But discovering Library Music amplifies that many times over: it’s not really a genre, not a scene, but rather a whole mirror world, familiar and yet unknown, reminiscent of the one we spend our lives in, but shifted and skewed in incredible ways.” If you just want to dip your toes in, there’s a handy one-hour mix of highlights. But it’s likely that it’ll quickly hook you and you’ll soon be jamming all 14 volumes. words / t wilcox

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  1. Thanks very much for listening, and passing this on! I do really love this music, and I’m glad more people will hear it thanks to your help.

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