Abstract Truths: An Evolving Jazz Compendium — Volume Four


Volume four of Abstract Truths, An Evolving Jazz Compendium. If unfamiliar with the series, please first read here about the its genesis and intention. For this installment we tapped bay area record collector/muso David Katznelson.

Katznelson likens the genre to a “wild animal…a cuddle by a fire place; it pushes up against it and provides a respite from the daily grind. Great Jazz fills a room with colors, gives it a heartbeat, a soul.  Vibes like a Rembrant painting, heightens the senses like great scotch, provides the controlled chaos that flosses the mind.  The best Jazz makes a statement that defines its time and stands the test of time. Jazz just IS.”

1 Salvation & Reminiscing – Roland Kirk (Prepare Thyself to Deal With a Miracle)
2 Driva Man — Coleman Hawkins, Max Roach, Abbey Lincoln (WE INSIST!)
3 Scarabs – Gospel of Mars (Gospel of Mars)
4 Spiritual – John Coltrane (Live At The Village Vanguard)
5 Frankie Machine – Elmer Bernstein (The Man With the Golden Arm OST)
6 II B.S. – Charles Mingus (Mingus, Mingus, Mingus, Mingus, Mingus)
7 The Sidewinder – Lee Morgan (The Sidewinder)
8 Fine and Mellow – Billie Holiday
9 The Story of Aaron Harris (Pt. 2) – Jelly Roll Morton – Library of Congress Recordings By Alan Lomax
10 Hardshoe (7/4) Ray Malone – Moondog (More Moondog / The Story of Moondog)
11 Mabrat (Passin Thru) – Count Ossie & The Mystic Revelation Of Rastafari – Grounation
12 Ghosts – Albert Ayler (Spiritual Unity)
13 Lament For Javanette – Duke Ellington & His Orchestra (1940-1941)
14 Family – Young Jazz Giants (Young Jazz Giants)
15 The Rock – Big John Patton (The Way I Feel)
16 RBHM (Opus 23D) – Anthony Braxton (New York, Fall 1974)
17 Love Piece – Brother Ah (Sound Awareness)
18 Exchange – Part 1 – Rashied Ali & Frank Lowe (Duo Exchange)
19 All Alone – Mal Waldron (All Alone)

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