Minami Deutsch / 南ドイツ :: With Dim Light

Minami Deutsch

When we spoke with Kikagaku Moyo’s Go Kurosawa at Chatei Hatou in Shibuya last February, he tipped us off to Minami Deutsch. The band were his roommates at the time, and KM’s label, Guruguru Brain, had released MD’s self-titled debut, on which, Go said, “they only do a motorik Neu! beat.” OK. We immediately checked it out and can attest after countless listens that the record does, in fact, fully embrace a hairy krautrock groove.

Naturally, we were stoked to hear that Guruguru Brain will release Minami Deutsch’s With Dim Light around April 20th. This time it’s not all motorik. “Tangled Yarn” is a sustaining dose of transcendental rock and roll that undulates between airy verses and mind-bending surges of towering guitars and drums. So much for swearing off psilocybin. words / j steele

Minami Deutsch :: Tangled Yarn