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Painter, photographer, writer, musician: Parisian omnivore Gérard Manset is a man of many talents. Virtually unknown in America, the multi-instrumentalist is most renowned for his musical output in France. His debut album, Gérard Manset 1968, is an underrated gem of mod leaning psychedelic pop, featuring vocals often run through a Leslie speaker accompanied by big orchestral arrangements. The record should have been a bigger hit, but the 1968 French Revolution had other plans preventing larger sales. On subsequent albums, in which he would simply go by Manset, his music became less psych and more minimal, quiet, and introspective. While Serge Gainsbourg eventually found popularity in the English speaking world, Manset has yet to see such crossover – yet at 72 years old, there’s still time to see his work received with more warmth. words / z biggs

Gerard Manset :: Animal On Est Mal

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  1. It’s About Time. Manset is a strange proposition even for french-speaking people (like a Prog-Rock Leonard Cohen meets François Villon) but most of his work from 68 to 79 is “majestueux”.

    Sorry for the broken english.

    la bise

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