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The trees are blooming in Nashville, TN, and the daylight is hanging around a bit longer. Meaning it’s the perfect time to poke around the Music City’s psychedelic underbelly. Start your adventure with Trevor Nikrant’s “Spring Vision.” The easygoing highlight from his overlooked 2017 debut, Living in the Kingdom, finds Nikrant’s vocals floating along a pontoon-wake groove amidst barroom keys, hazy guitars, and divine harmonies. When sideman Charles Kay’s warm tenor saxophone drifts into the frame midway through, cast your fishing rod into a tree and let the gloam wash over you.

Trevor Nikrant :: Spring Vision

Once the vibe has worn off and the post-Busch delirium sets in, switch on “Good Ol’ Days.” Oddball baroque psychedelia broadcasted from a basement on the east side. This is a bonafide earworm thanks to a loose piano melody and singular vocal stylings. Nice to find the kids that aren’t afraid of writing a hook. Play the demo again and again until the tape wears out or the sun comes up. words / j steele

The Medium :: Good Ol’ Days

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