Wet Tuna

Aside from a handful of digital-only releases, Livin’ The Die is Wet Tuna’s debut. But the band’s principals, Matt “MV” Valentine and Pat “P.G. Six” Gubler go way back. They were founding members of the pioneering free folk collective Tower Recordings back in the 1990s and have collaborated off and on over the years. Wet Tuna’s sound is a gloriously messy sprawl, blending scuzzy vibes with spaced-out trippage — kinda like Royal Trux attempting to cover Dark Magus. Layers of harsh noise wash over fragments of distant melodies, disembodied vocals give way to moody acoustic rambles. Livin’ The Die is not so much a record as it is an immersive environment. Put on a pair of headphones and get lost. words / t wilcox

Wet Tuna :: Excerpt From Side A

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