Luiz Melodia :: Maravilhas Contemporî¢neas


“We weren’t people that simply obeyed. You could say that we sidestepped all the house rules, the recording studio; we simply broke away from situations that weren’t convenient. I have always believed in what I do.” L.M.

Born Luî­s Carlos dos Santos, Brazil’s Luiz Melodia died last summer at the age of 66. Singer, songwriter, player and actor, Melodia’s professional career as a musician began in 1963 and continued until his death, working within and around various permutations of samba, soul and MPB. While  Melodia’s 1973 debut, Pérola Negra, has long been one of my favorite Brazilian records (read: definitely check this out in full if not yet hip), its follow-up, 1976’s Maravilhas Contemporî¢neas, was a later discovery and one I’ve found myself returning to of late while working on a current project. So, here’s a taste — side one’s final track, “Baby Rose”, where things begin stretch out and get…loose (hey, sitar). It’s nearly spring, enjoy.

Luiz Melodia :: Baby Rose