Katie Von Schleicher :: Sell It Back

Last year, Katie Von Schleicher released Shitty Hits, an earnest statement of blown out melancholic bedroom pop, invoking the likes of Emmitt Rhodes, Angel Olsen, and Alex Chilton. Over the course of a lean thirty-five minutes, songs like “Midsummer” and “Life’s a Lie” showcase a jagged, sharp-witted charm. More delicate numbers like “Swoon” and “Mary” are illuminated with a tender breeziness.

The album’s closer, “Sell It Back,” strikes a different tone, however. It's slower and outwardly dark, spacious and shot through an aquatic lens that fuses distantly echoing drums, humming synths and droning sax. It stands out as something on its own.

We spoke to Katie over email about this song, and how its origins, roots, and form shine a light on the songwriter’s artistic process, inner monologue, and future expressive horizons. An album dealing with anxiety, isolation, and the uncertainty of getting older, Von Schleicher shares that “it would be hard to argue these aren't all me talking to myself.”

Katie Von Schleicher :: Sell It Back

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