Neil Young :: Dead Man [End Credits]

Last month saw the long-awaited release of the Criterion edition of Jim Jarmusch's 1995 existentialist western Dead Man. In addition to 4K restoration, bonus interviews with Jarmusch and Gary Farmer, deleted scenes, William Blake poetry, and essays by film critic Amy Taubin and music journalist Ben Ratliff, the new edition features never before seen Mi8 footage of Neil Young recording his score. Built on improvised electric guitar sketches, acoustic vignettes, and swelling organ, the soundtrack is perhaps Young's most haunted recording of the era -- which is saying something, considering Sleeps With Angels. Though it's available on streaming services, the record remains out-of-print physically. Hopefully, someone at the Neil Young Archives is working on a physical soundtrack artifact as meticulously crafted as the new version of the film, or at least an expanded version of Jarmusch and Young's next collaboration: 1997's Year of the Horse. words/j woodbury

Neil Young :: Dead Man (End Credits/unreleased)

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