Tom & Lee :: Folk-Jazz Explorations


Tom & Lee finds the pairing of NYC-based composers / multi-instrumentalists Tom Csatari and Levon Henry. A spirited folk jazz duo, featuring Csatari on guitar, slide, and effects, and Henry on tenor saxophone and clarinet, the longtime collaborators make music that is earnest and untethered. With the release of their debut, self-titled EP, the pair journey through the American songbook and original compositions with a rustic playfulness.

On the Csatari-composed “Perch Blues”, Henry leads with a melody evoking a tree-lined autumnal sunrise; the winds blowing with a storybook warmth. His horn swirls around Csatari’s concentrated rollicking drive, slowly pushing the song forward into a free-folk romp. words / c depasquale

Tom & Lee :: Perch Blues

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  1. love it when that guitar Tremolo kicks in out of nowhere! Sandy Bull / Jim Hall / Jimmy Guiffre vibes : )

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