London post-punk dance dynamic, Shopping, deftly combine jolt laden rhythms with cognitively fluid messages for a smooth finish. Highly recommended for anyone who enjoys Pylon, ESG, or Kleenex, the footloose trio continue to impress on their third lp, The Official Body, and specifically on its first single “The Hype”. Opening with the barbed wire bass of Billy Easter, the track’s underlying mantra and message are relayed via a back and forth lyrical joust between Easter and front vocalist Rachel Aggs. Aggs is the archetype of what every performer hopes to emulate, a confident artist who can use perils of the past and turn them into thundering deliveries. A woman of color and sexual fluidity, she shouts “Procrastination// (They Teach Us) //Indecision!” to emphasize the painstaking process of self-identification. words / j kiser

Shopping :: The Hype

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