Mary Lattimore :: Hundreds of Days

mary lattimore

It’s easy to lapse into cliches when writing about Mary Lattimore’s music – her gorgeous harp work practically demands that you use the words “ethereal” or “celestial.” But though you may not hear a downright prettier record in 2018 than her new Hundreds of Days, there’s more to it than mere ambient drift. Much more. The LP’s six slo-mo songs (plus one digital bonus track) reward deep listening, with gossamer textures and cascading melodies that take the listener on an immersive trip. Lattimore’s compositions have sturdy structures, usually riding a simple chord progression that unfolds, unfurls and unravels. At the same time, there’s a heaviness happening here that keeps your attention from wandering, an undercurrent that won’t let go.  “It Feels Like Floating” is the name of Hundreds of Days‘ lead-off track, and well, yeah – but as you float gently downstream, this river just gets deeper. words / t wilcox

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