Bomboclat! Island Soak 8 :: Jamaican Vintage (A Mixtape)


It’s July, which means it’s time to check in with the third largest of the four Greater Antilles. Enter Bomboclat! Island Soak, Volume 8 – another batch of seasoned sides from the private collection of John Mascarenhas.

1) The Hamlins – Everyone Got To Be There
2) Larry Marshall – I’ve Got To Make It
3) The Classics – Stick Together
4) Gladstone Anderson – Rockers
5) The Overtakers – Girl You Ruff
6. The Jamaicans – Slow and Easy
7) Johnny Clarke – Jump Back
8) The Hamboys – Harder On The Rock
9) Horace Andy – Rock Your Baby
10) Harmonizers – Go Back Home
11) The Sharks – How Could I Live
12) The Overtakers – The Big Takeover
13) The West Indians – I’m Falling In Love
14) The Vibrators – Go Back
15) The Ethiopians – So You Look Pon It
16) The Jamaican Actions – Giddy Up
17) King Rocky – The King Is Back
18) The Ralph Brothers – I’m Going Home / Version
19) Burning Spear – Door Peeper / Version w/Prince Jazzbo
20) Lopez Walker – Jah Jah New Garden / Version

Archives: Bomboclat! Island Soak: Volumes 1-7 — Jamaican Vintage

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16 thoughts on “Bomboclat! Island Soak 8 :: Jamaican Vintage (A Mixtape)

  1. Annnnnnnnnnnnnny chance of getting an upload with the individual song files? I have collections 1-7 in a playlist that I shuffle. Would be MUCH MUCH MUCH appreciated amigo!

  2. can’t wait to hear this. any chance for a zipped folder of all the individual tracks (ala 1-7)?

  3. Would also love to see a zip with individual tracks, but thanks for this regardless. Great compilation. Love that Hamboys tune.

  4. I just love this collection of tunes. In my head, I’m listening to these on a sandy beach right about now. It can’t be helped.

  5. I just downloaded all 8 of these. Beautiful! Thank you so much. And indeed, a zip file of separate mp3s would be greatly appreciated when/if possible. Thank you!

  6. I had a few mins today and split the tracks — what’s the best way to share it with you people? I can post on dropbox…?

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