AD Presents: Unwise Promises, Unwise Pleasures (A Mixtape)


Jake and Jamin Orrall are JEFF the Brotherhood. Flanked by the addition of some new hands, the group returned last week with Magick Sounds, an lp whose sonics push far beyond their previous output. As part of our guest curated mix series, we asked Jake to expand on some of the sounds gestating before and during the album’s sessions. Enter: Unwise Promises, Unwise Pleasures. Orrall, below.

While we were inspired by many different genres, cultures, and scenes during the making of Magick Sounds, I wanted to focus on Japanese music for this selection because it seems to be enjoying a lot of interest lately in the United States and beyond. We had been listening to a lot of YMO related music and 80’s ambient stuff and I had just released my compilation of Japanese Folk-Rock on Light In The Attic Records (Even A Tree Can Shed Tears, 2017) right as we began the album sessions so I think it was just in the air. There’s a few tracks from the album in this mix, see if you can pick them out! It was mixed live from vinyl late at night at Earthbound Sound HQ.

Unwise Promises, Unwise Pleasures (A Mixtape)

Yasuaki Shimizu
JEFF The Brotherhood
Todays Latin Project
Little Tempo
JEFF The Brotherhood
Tatsuro Yamashita
Soichi Terada
Yukihiro Takahashi
Jake Orrall and Kunal Prakash
Morita Doji

image / Shigeo Fukuda

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  1. Your new album is astonishing and I’ve been listening to JEFF the Brotherhood for years. I’ve it on repeat, but took a listen to this mixtape and love it too. Thank you,

  2. would appreciate a artist/song run-down on the mixtape. For those of us who don’t have time to search each song by the artist, a list of this kind (artist only) is terribly frustrating.

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