Aquarium Drunkard: Onward

Step right up. Welcome to the all-new Aquarium Drunkard. It’s been a decade since we last fully updated the site, and in that time it feels like most everything has shifted. Forget the sea changes in the music and publishing industries. Aquarium Drunkard readers have no doubt noticed our motion toward a magazine-style format over the years, with features, interviews, mixtapes, and sessions moving to the forefront. We are still working a few kinks out, but this new site is equipped with a fully-searchable archive featuring more than 13 years of music and culture writing, along with playlists, podcasts, Lagniappe Sessions, and more. This new format – the result of months of dedicated woodshedding – is part of our transition from the so-called blog age into, well, whatever this new age is.

Here’s what hasn’t changed: Aquarium Drunkard has always provided unrestricted access —no paywalls, no restrictions, free to all —and will continue to do so. But maintaining the site and compensating contributors requires support. In addition to a revamped and redesigned website, we’ve launched a Patreon page which will allow readers and listeners to directly support Aquarium Drunkard as it expands its scope while receiving access to bonus audio, exclusive podcasts, printed ephemera, and vinyl records. Your support will help keep an independent cultural resource alive and healthy in 2019. More than ever before, quality independent music and culture writing is hard to find and even harder to sustain. With your support and patronage, AD will continue to provide access to art and music spanning decades, offering readers and listeners a guide to underground art, music, and culture. For heads, by heads.

Another thing that’s remained the same since we launched in 2005: Release dates, trends and hype aren’t driving forces at Aquarium Drunkard. If you read, hear or are turned on to something, it’s because we genuinely dig it. The new Aquarium Drunkard will be just like the old one in that respect. Only the good shit – onward.

An enormous thank you to the design duo of Chris Campbell and Andrew Means, and web developer Traci Larson of Visual Issues – whose patience is as great as her talent.