The Rolling Stones in 1969 :: Beyond Baroque

Angelenos: Thursday, December 13, at Beyond Baroque in Venice, noted author, music historian, and friend of Aquarium Drunkard Pat Thomas will host a live Q&A discussion with Ronnie Schneider, manager of the Rolling Stones’ mythic 1969 tour — documented the classic film Gimme Shelterabout his new book Out Of Our Heads: Rolling Stones, Beatles and Me. Schneider’s career dispenses with the “Beatles or Stones” binary; he worked extensively with both. He was there at Altamont, and there with his uncle, Allen Klein, as the Beatles dissolved with Let It Be. Packed with backstage photos and personal notes, the book ought to inspire a fascinating discussion.

Mark it in your calendar. In the meantime, dig into this particularly nasty/evil version of “Midnight Rambler” at Hyde Park. Note: the band is performing a mere 48 hours after former bandmate and original Stones leader/visionary Brian Jones was found dead in his pool.