JJ Cale: Pacific High Recorders, San Francisco, California, December 12, 1971

Breeze along to one of the earliest live recordings of JJ Cale out there. This Pacific High Recorders gig (broadcast on the Bay Area’s KSAN-FM) features JJ and band playing a deliciously laid back set a few months prior to the release of the singer-songwriter-guitarist’s classic debut LP, Naturally. Of course, Cale had been around for a while at this point as a session man / songwriter for hire, but Eric Clapton’s surprise hit cover of “After Midnight” had given him a deserved boost in 1970. Cale doesn’t sound quite like he’s ready for his close-up – he only steps up to the mic twice during the show, preferring to groove instrumentally with the band. But whatever, it’s totally great, with a jazzy after-hours vibe and plenty of Cale’s effortlessly cool playing. words / t wilcox

Download: JJ Cale: Pacific High Recorders, San Francisco, CA, 12/71

Instrumental 1/Instrumental 2/Right Down Here/Instrumental 3/Hands Off Her/Instrumental 4/Instrumental 5