The Moore Brothers: Winters

Over the past two decades, The Moore Brothers have quietly built up an unassailable discography. Greg and Thom Moore haven’t quite broken through in a major way, but they’ve picked up some high-profile fans along the way; Pavement’s Spiral Stairs released their 2001 debut on his Amazing Grease label. Joanna Newsom brought them onboard her 2009 opus Have One On Me and subsequent tour (and she returned the favor by contributing harp to the Brothers’ Aptos LP).

 Winters, the duo’s latest effort, is as good a place as any to get in on the well-kept secret of the brothers’ magic. It’s their voices that grab you at first, those crystalline harmonies that weave themselves into all kinds of beautifully unusual shapes. The songwriting (always split evenly between Greg and Thom) is top-notch, too, often calling to mind the singular stylings of Robyn Hitchcock. Check out Thom’s “Songs That Sing Themselves” for a perfect example, with chiming guitars and an utterly gorgeous chorus. Or dig Greg’s fuzzy “Letting Go,” which follows a twisty Syd Barrett-esque path to pure weirdo pop bliss. The Moore Brothers exist in a universe all their own — it’s time to start exploring.  words / t wilcox

The Moore Brothers :: Songs That Sings Themselves