Swan’s Chamber

We’ve been talking a lot about “cosmic pastoral” on these pages of late. William Tyler contributed an entire essay on the the subject, and we used the term in our write-up of Deerhunter’s new futuristic-folk record, Why Hasn’t Everything Already Disappeared? What is in the air? How do these things permeate among us?

Whatever the answer, a space-age cosmic pastoral – a music for which the term feels entirely at home – comes to us via Swan’s Chamber, the new project from Georgia based multi-instrumentalist & songwriter Taylor Ross. His new four-song suite, via the Leaving Records imprint, is a solo work for guitar, recorder, and piano, employing a classical romanticism and playful pop humor that both artfully belies, and subtly projects its unfolding dramas. words / c depasquale

Swan’s Chamber :: Swan Three (Swan Wept)