Randy Randall :: Shore Sunset, Pt. 1

Following the 2007 singles compilation Weirdo Rippers, No Age returned the following year with the release of Nouns. Both the media and the masses took note, and for good reason. As an album, Nouns endures both as a sonic manifesto, and as a time-capsule of the mid-late 00s underground; specifically the DTLA noise-punk scene. Over the past decade, the duo have released three more albums; works that have explored and expanded upon the initial framework laid out within Nouns 30 minute runtime. And while less celebrated than their rippers, it’s the atmospheric set pieces the group employ that set them apart from their peers, adding texture, color and nuance to their artful dischord of sound.

Enter: Sound Field Volume One, guitarist Randy Randall’s forthcoming collection of contemplative, ambient soundscapes. His solo debut, the record is the latest installment in the ongoing album series via the LA-based experimental music and visual art collective, Arthur King Presents.

Discussing the motivation behind the video for “Shore Sunset Part 1”, Randall explains the shoot was a “way to explore the many different environments of Southern California. We drove along the 10 freeway from the desert at sunrise through the suburbs in the morning, through downtown LA in the afternoon and ending at the beach at sunset. This video is the first part of the sunset, and it reflects the way the beach interacts with the city, and how people experience a peaceful environment right next to the highway.” Expanding upon this, director Aaron Farley notes the shoot was concentrated “on filming a mix of wide drone shots, with people interacting to bring home the idea of driving out to the western end of the 10 freeway, which ends at the beach and opens up to the Pacific Ocean….a place that many people long for and dream about. We are trying to capture a small piece of that dream in this film.”

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