The Cosmic Range :: The Gratitude Principle

The Cosmic Range’s second LP finds the Toronto-based collective exploring all sorts of zones: dense Bitches Brew-worthy jams, soothing astral travels, freeform freakouts, Afrobeat groovers. Miles Davis called this stuff “New Directions in Jazz” back in the day. And while the approach is not so new anymore, it’s still fresh. Led by multi-instrumentalist Matthew “Doc” Dunn, the band is familiar to some as the backing group on US Girl’s 2018 release In A Poem Unlimited. But as adventurous as the sonics were on that stellar LP, The Gratitude Principle is even more untethered, with instrumental textures that call to mind not only fusion and spiritual jazz classics, but also the recent work of Bitchin Bajas and Natural Information Society. The opener, “Palms to Heaven” throws you right into maelstrom with fierce sax, overdriven keys and an unstoppably sinuous rhythm. The title track, meanwhile, builds to a maximalist, almost Kamasi-esque climax, Isla Craig’s wordless vocals leading the group into the heavens. Cosmic, to say the least. words / t wilcox

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