Helado Negro :: Running

Roberto Carlos Lange, the mind behind Helado Negro, feels like music’s eternal optimist. “Brown won’t go / Brown just glows,” he sings on “Please Won’t Please,” the opener to This Is How You Smile, his new album which first saw daylight last week via Brooklyn’s RVNG Intl. If not the one we deserve, Lange is definitely the hero we need. His music unfolds with a patient grace and an absolutely sublime beauty; his cooing vocals floating gently across electronic atmospheres, radiantly beaming about Latin pride, family, friendship, and love.

“Running,” the album’s centerpiece masterstroke, seems to encompass all of these elements seamlessly, backed by a rhythmic charm that not only fits its title, but feels like floating as well. Its visceral visual companion achieves the same feat, the constant motion evoking the actions of our heads, hands, and hearts, when overcome by what we hold dearest. words / c depasquale

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