Kinloch Nelson: Partly on Time : Recordings 1968-1970

Just when you think that there can’t possibly be any more guitar soli masters from the past left to discover, another one shows up. Unsurprisingly, Kinloch Nelson’s terrific Partly on Time comes to us via the ever-reliable Tompkins Square label, which has been digging up gems like this for close to 15 years now. Rescued from age-old tapes, the slightly lo-fi sound here is deliciously warm and stony, the perfect setting for Nelson’s laid-back instrumental compositions. Some tunes have the easy melodicism and melancholy of early Neil Young, while the more atmospheric numbers might call to mind Bruce Langhorne’s classic Hired Hand soundtrack (the harmonica that wafts into the mix occasionally adds an especially lonely flavor). As a player, Nelson is an original; he rambles but never meanders, wanders but never gets lost. A total gem, well worth your time. words/t wilcox

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