O Terno :: atrás/além

Folks, if you aren’t listening to Andrew Jervis’ Bandcamp Weekly, then, well, we’re not sure what you’re doing. Jervis is always uncovering and illuminating the best music. This week it’s atrás/além, O Terno’s 2018 masterwork. The Sao Paolo-based trio’s latest full-length is brimming with psilocybin-friendly arrangements, cavernous grooves, and Tim Bernardes’ intoxicatingly soulful tenor. Not to mention cameos from Shinataro Sakamoto and Devendra Banhart. Jervis highlighted the Yamasuki Singers-styled “Bielzinho / Bielzihno.” A gem, no less, though we suggest you drop the needle on “Eu Vou.” This is the good stuff. words / j steele