Endless Boogie: Vol I, II

Primal Boogie! This necessary collection from No Quarter brings together the first two Endless Boogie albums: four sides, six glorious jams, recorded on two mics straight into a cassette deck. To call them “out of print” isn’t quite correct – they were barely ever in print at all. Self-released in minuscule pressings in 2005, the LPs both been longtime collectors’ items (and for those of us without deep pockets, passed around in low bit-rate mp3 versions). Now they’re back, and with a totally sweet gatefold, to boot.

Endless Boogie hasn’t become a slick collective by any stretch of the imagination in the years since they emerged. But Vol I and II offer up the rawer-than-raw stuff, with Paul Major leading his original crew (Jesper Eklow, Mark Ohe and Chris Gray, plus guest spots from Matt and Spencer Sweeney) through a series of boneheadedly brilliant excursions. Taking Lou Reed’s famous maxim – “One chord is fine. Two chords is pushing it. Three chords and you’re into jazz.” – to its logical extreme, Endless Boogie consistently spin the simplest ingredients into pure gold. If there’s a better sidelong listening experience from the past two decades than Vol I’s epic “Stanton Karma,” I’ve yet to hear it. Endless, eternal, elemental – this is the Boogie you need. words/t wilcox

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