Joseph Shabason :: I Don’t Want To Be Your Love (feat. Dan Bejar)

An elderly man dressed in a tuxedo pleasures himself in the front seat of a moving car driven by a beautiful, scantily clad woman. In the backseat sits a younger man, barely visible. The headlights of the automobile follow a road that cuts through a field of tall grass. “I’m gonna come,” the old man gasps. “Just breathe,” says the woman. This is the beginning of the stunning video for Joseph Shabason‘s “I Don’t Want to Be Your Love.” What follows is an illuminating and wonderful dive into the sublime, via both the textures of Shabason’s exquisitely spare compositions and the surrealist bent of the world created by writer and director Zach Shields. Dan Bejar’s hazy vocals float like the dust in those headlights, which remind us that overwhelming beauty can be found in the strangest of places. words / j steele

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