Aquarium Drunkard Presents: Sassounian Sunset / A Mixtape

Global entry, the following is a summer heater. Darone Sassounian recently wrapped a four year quest digging for 70s & 80s Armenian and Middle Eastern rarities. Based in Los Angeles, himself of Armenian descent, the DJ and record collector traveled through Lebanon and Europe, unearthing a cache of tracks by a handful of local producers and Armenian musicians.

Regarding the following mix for Aquarium Drunkard, Sassounian notes his intent was to “showcase a handful of Armenian and Lebanese rarities found on my travels abroad, blending them with Western Gospel, Boogie, Modern Soul, and other international favorites. [These are] sounds from the same era, from different parts of the world — sounds that I discovered in the Middle East, paired with sounds that were made at the same time in different countries.”

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