Flanger Magazine :: Breslin

Released near the end of last year on Sophomore Lounge (who recently reissued the zonked out Warren Winter’s Band Crossbar Hotel), Flanger Magazine’s Breslin features thirteen (mostly) mellow excursions of glistening modular synth and placid acoustic guitar, courtesy of Louisville’s Christopher Bush (Caboladies, Flower Man, Equipment Pointed Ankh). “Instrumental music for acoustic guitar, echo, string synthesizer, modular synthesizer, rhythm machine, electric piano, and field recordings” that recalls the more pastoral wing of British library music and the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, and a number of experimental folk records (Bruce Langhorne’s laconic score for The Hired Hand, Linda Cohen’s Poppy output, These Trails)

Though best explored in its entirety, “Approaching Shore” serves as an appropriate microcosm—a drifting synth line wandering circles around tranquil guitar, eventually joined by bubbling electronics that throw ripples across the song’s waters. Unassuming, bucolic, and wistful—Breslin is an absolute delight, borne from a juxtaposition that could easily go astray.

Below, the mesmerizing video for Flanger Magazine’s “Ruby Green Singing,” directed by the inimitable artist (and musician) Robert Beatty. words / k evans

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