David Kilgour And The Heavy Eights :: Bobbie’s A Girl

He may be 40 years into his career, but a new David Kilgour album (whether with The Clean or the Heavy Eights) still feels like a gift. Bobbie’s a girl, his latest, is another exquisite offering from the New Zealand guitarist-singer-songwriter — one that seems a bit modest at first, but reveals its immense charms the deeper you dive. On the surface, it’s one of David’s mellowest efforts, with brushed drums and elegant acoustic guitar blending beautifully with whispered vocals and gentle keyboards. There’s an underlying emotional intensity present in every note, however. Kilgour is the kind of musician whose casual strum communicates more than most guitarists’ fleet-fingered fretwork. He knows how to let a song breathe, how to ride the wave — and how to bring the listener along with him. As always, it’s a total pleasure to spend a little time in Kilgour’s world. words / t wilcox