Major Stars :: Roots of Confusion Seeds of Joy

If you’re in need of a fast-acting dose of unadulterated rock action, look no further than Major Stars’ latest slab. This long-running Massachusetts psych collective seem to just be getting better with age, finding new ways to kick out the old jams. Led by the divebombing triple-guitar attack of band Kate Biggar, Wayne Rogers and Tom Leonard, Major Stars worship at the altar of fuzz and feedback — and as soon as the white-hot opener “The Tightener” blasts off, you’ll be worshipping alongside them, too. When vocalist Noell Dorsey, a new addition to the group, drops in, it’s kinda like Grace Slick fronting the MC5. Totally righteous, in other words. Turn Roots of Confusion Seeds of Joy way up and prepare to get down. / t wilcox