Eve Maret :: OFO

Experimental artist and composer Eve Maret’s new track and video, “OFO,” is a meditation on being present. The sprawling, instrumental track was recorded live initially as an experiment with a new synth, then during mixing Maret overdubbed processed breaths as a sort of padding that swells throughout. For Maret, the fifteen-minute composition is emblematic of her personal experience dealing with obsessive-compulsive thoughts and behavior:

“My intention for OFO was to create an experience much like the push and pull I feel when obsessive thoughts and compulsive urges arise. Sometimes it feels good to entertain them, and sometimes I witness them dissolve in the light of my awareness, if only for a moment. OFO is a challenge to myself. It is a meditation. It represents the grey area, where anything can happen.”

Maret recorded “OFO” during her brief time studying electronic music at Mills College this past semester, before deciding that the program ultimately wasn’t right for her. She’s now focused on touring and based in Nashville, TN, where she’s co-founder of Hyasynth House, a DIY community of women and non-binary folx who organize electronic music workshops and meet-ups as well as collaborating on projects together. Her groundbreaking debut album “No More Running” was self-released last year. words / l turner

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