Donovan Quinn :: Absalom

Armed with “Pale Blue Eyes” guitars, “Stroke It Noel” strings and a deliciously wasted vibe that would make Nikki Sudden proud, Donovan Quinn has crafted another absolutely stellar LP with Absalom, which slipped out on the Soft Abuse label late last year. Like much of his work (whether solo or with Skygreen Leopards or the New Bums), the ramshackle nature of the new album’s sound belies the ambitious current that runs through every moment. Check out the dazzling song suite “Satanic Summer Nights,” a roller coaster ride packed with wild modes and moves but is still utterly cohesive and captivating. Or swoon to “Bunny’s Girl,” a beautifully blurry ballad. Quinn is one of those songwriters who can effortlessly mix the heartbreaking with the hilarious, until you’re not sure which is which – Absalom is the work of a master. Get on board. words/ t wilcox