Elkhorn :: The Storm Sessions

The Elkhorn adventure continues, hot on the heels of last year’s stellar double LP. This time around, Jesse Shepard and Drew Gardner have recruited multi-instrumentalist Turner Williams (who records under the Ramble Tamble moniker) for an extremely heady journey. On The Storm Sessionsthe tried-and-true formula remains in place, with Shepard’s earthy 12-string keeping things grounded while Shepard’s shimmering electric playing ventures into the slipstream. Williams, playing electric bouzouki on one side and shahi baaja on the other, weaves his way in magnificently, sometimes adding atmospheric textures, sometimes grabbing the reins entirely. Taped during one long snowbound evening last year, The Storm Sessions is a wintry wonder—and another winner from the ever-expanding Elkhorn consciousness. words/ t wilcox

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