Bardo Pond :: Adrop / Circuit VIII

A very necessary archival haul from Philadelphia’s finest purveyors of artisanal fuzz ‘n’ feedback, collecting two radical never-before-on-vinyl compositions in one handy double LP package. Bardo Pond have been rattling eardrums for close to 30 years now – but they are capable of more than amp abuse, of course. Both “Adrop” and “Circuit VII” shift ably from monolithic riffage to haunting acoustic interludes. The results are different, but you might be reminded of Miles Davis’ mid-70s electric period, when he and his band skillfully constructed complex sonic environments, each one teeming with life. Here, Bardo Pond conjure up the sound of mountains emerging out of the plains, rainforests reaching to the sky, continents crunching into one another. Psychedelemental? Something like that.  words/ t wilcox

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