Mosses :: T.V. Sun

Ryan Jewell has made a name for himself over the past several years as a trusty percussionist sideman, adding diverse rhythms to efforts by Ryley Walker, Elkhorn, One Eleven Heavy and Simon Joyner to name just a few recent examples. He’s also a skilled composer/songwriter; we plugged Vibration!, his excellent avant-jazz LP, in a recent Bandcamping column. T.V. Sun, the debut full-length from Mosses, is very different from that album — but equally worth your time. A collaboration with Danette Bordenkircher, it’s a kaleidoscopic trip, encompassing a wide swathe of psychedelia. We’ve got Barrett-era Floyd mayhem, Can-y jams, Espers-esque folk (Meg Baird even drops in for a guest spot), OG Modern Lovers boogies and much more (there might even be some Phish-iness happening here, I’m not sure). It’s all bursting with imagination, technical expertise and – most importantly – an unabashed sense of fun. T.V. Sun is essentially a musical playground, and Jewell and Bordenkircher are inviting everyone to come hang out. We’d be foolish to not take them up on it. words / t wilcox

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