Transmissions :: Strange Days—A Conversation

Social distance dispatching. Some background, to start. In recent weeks, we’ve been assembling elements—interviews, readings, scripts, segments—for the next season of the Transmissions podcast. But the onset of global pandemic has caused us to consider: What feels important right now? Would discussing it help? To that end, we’re taking the Transmissions podcast weekly for now, and featuring check-ins between AD founder Justin Gage and editor Jason P. Woodbury. We have a lot of plans for the podcast in the coming weeks, from guest interviews to audio collages, but expect it to be loose. Stay in, wash your hands, reach out to those who need you. Remember you need them too. Stay in touch.

Transmissions :: Strange Days—A Conversation

Touched on in this episode:

The Stand, Stephen King (1978)

The Parable of The Sower , Octavia Butler(1993)

Contagion (2011)

The Peripheral (2014), Agency (2020) William Gibson

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