Robbie Basho :: Songs of the Great Mystery – The Lost Vanguard Sessions

We’ve been blessed with a bunch of Robbie Basho archival hauls in recent years. But the latest unearthing—Songs of the Great Mystery—might be the best of them all. It’s an entire lost album, recorded during the same sessions for the guitarist/pianist/composer/vocalist’s mid-’70s masterpieces Zarthus and Voice of the Eagle. Those lps captured Basho at his most ambitious and sweeping, and Mystery is no different. Across four sides, we get dazzling fingerpicking, dramatic singing, gorgeous keyboard work, Native American fantasias, and some truly cosmic whistling. For Basho enthusiasts, it’s absolutely essential listening. Vanguard briefly issued most of this music as a low bitrate download over a decade ago, but Real Gone Music has done the recordings right this time around, with beautiful packaging, sparkling sound and detailed liner notes from Takoma School scholar/guitarist Glenn Jones. A mystery no longer… words / t wilcox

Robbie Basho :: Thunder Sun

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