Sven Wunder :: Wabi Sabi

The enigmatic Sven Wunder is already back again with another internet-breaking LP of Eastern flavored grooves. “Yūgen” opens Wabi Sabi with the ringing of a gong, which initiates a resonating surge of Japanese-inspired flute, Chinese zither, and Tanpura. This traditional instrumentation lays the foundation for some hustling, hypnotic jazz-funk, filled out by wah wah guitar and a driving beat, Moog wizardry, and a stellar Wurlitzer performance. Though wabi-sabi refers to the art of imperfection, one would be hard pressed to find any flaw in “Yūgen.” It’s four minutes of music that flickers by in an intoxicating, cinematic flash. Pre-order via Light in the Attic or Rappcats. / j steele

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