Got My Chips Cashed In (A Mixtape)

Of all the subgenres country music has spawned over the years, there is perhaps none as bizarre and beloved as trucking songs. In the ‘60s, there emerged a trend of concept albums and singles about truck driving — goofy novelty tunes and working class anthems that helped define the world of AM radio and solidify country as the “working man’s music.” From the post-rockabilly echo of Dave Dudley’s “Six Days on the Road” to the bluegrass romp of Jerry Reed’s “East Bound and Down” to the country rock sleaze of Chris Knight’s “The Hammer Going Down,” they have chronicled all manner of road, ditch, driver, and rig.

These laments to weary-eyed truck drivers, CB radio farces, and runarounds with highway patrolmen offer a shoulder to lean on as you travel the literal or proverbial road to the end of the line. Got My Chips Cashed In is a playlist that stretches from the genre’s origin to its modern counterparts, with a few stops along the way for a hot cup of coffee, some southern fried, and a slice of cherry pie. Those big old wheels keep rolling … and the hits just keep on coming. compiled by/h wheless

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