Transmissions :: Mossy Kilcher

Lots of records evoke a place. But Mossy Kilcher’s 1977 lost folk gem Northwind Calling does more than that: it welcomes the listener into the spirit of her treasured place of origin, Alaska. Born to homesteading parents who’d fled Switzerland  during World War II, Mossy was raised near Homer, Alaska, and her beguiling songs are filled with references to the land, paired with field recordings she made there. At 76, Mossy is experiencing a late career rediscovery following Tompkins Square Records reissue of the album, which earned her a great story in the New York Times by Grayson Haver Currin, who praised her “soft, welcoming voice,” which “floats over delicately picked acoustic guitar and an occasional banjo or fiddle, or her own recordings of birds.”

This week on Transmissions, Mossy joins host Jason P. Woodbury to discuss returning to her masterpiece more than four decades after its release, the utopian dreams of her parents, her relationship with the land, and the work of Jewel, her niece. Oh yeah, did we mention Jewel is Mossy’s niece? Northwind Calling is available now from Tompkins Square Records. 

Transmissions :: Mossy

Episode Playlist: Mossy, “Northwind Calling,” “Coyote’s Call,” “Rainfall”

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