Rayborn Live Archive :: Volume Five

Recent email conversations with Justin Gage, discussing the depth and breadth of my 25-year live archive, sowed the idea for what you will find below – a group of tunes conceptualized as if each were a block of radio station programming. Some thoughts / recollections of the specific shows these tracks were culled from are as follows. – Cory Rayborn, North Carolina.

Rayborn Live Archive :: Volume Five (zipped folder)

1 – Shellac – Canada (August 30, 2006 – Cat’s Cradle, Carrboro)

Yeah, I know – two Shellac songs within the first five volumes? Seems fair to me when they always kill it live. This song also never ceases to entertain me, kind of like the Shellac summary in precision and, um, topicality. 

2 – The Brothers Unconnected – My Painted Tomb (June 26, 2008 – Grey Eagle, Asheville)

What a show. Where to begin? Accompanied by frequent TLR show-going co-conspirator Scott Caligan we set out for Asheville early in the afternoon, excited to meet up with the Bishop brothers pre-set. Halfway to Asheville we passed a car with NC Triangle drumming luminary Dave Cantwell in it and we all had an excited wave, knowing we were all headed to the same destination. The set was sublime – all sorts of material from all eras of the SCG catalog. The vibe was great. Oh, yeah, and Charlie Gocher’s cremains were also present, just as he would have wanted. 

3 – Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy – Island Brothers (December 4, 2010 – Reynolds Industries Theatre, Duke University, Durham)

A little bit of a distant recording – the nature of this room – but my how I love this song. The harmonies really bring it together. This was the era when Angel Olsen was touring with BPB and really brought things to an even higher level. Fun night – mild ice outside and then rolling inside to figure out who the mystery opener, the Babblers, happened to be. Turned out to be BPB and the gang in matching hooded one piece pajamas performing most/all of Kevin Coyne and Dagmar Crouse’s “Babble”. Set break, pop on some suits and a more normal BPB set followed. Always a treat. 

4 – Jack Rose & The Black Twig Pickers – Knoxville Blues (September 4, 2009 – Night Light, Chapel Hill)

This recording was made the last time I saw Jack Rose perform live. It wasn’t the last time we spoke but it was the last time we were in the same room. Hard to think about in retrospect – he was in great spirits all night from some pre-show food/drink to the show itself. Hard to believe he would be gone four months later. A reminder to always cherish your favorites every chance you get. A rollicking performance and a reminder to anyone who doesn’t know the Rose / Black Twigs LP to get with the program. 

5 – D. Charles Speer & The Helix – Leaving The Commonwealth (July 20, 2011 – King’s, Raleigh)

Speer live was always a great experience and this run through of one of their great work out songs was no exception. 

6 – David Daniell – untitled (September 9, 2011 – The Hive at the Busy Bee, Raleigh)

Hopscotch is always about choices. Most years on most nights there’s a situation where you have to pick between two things that you equally want to see. This particular evening the choice was a Rick Bishop set versus back to back intimate sets from Daniell and Barn Owl. I picked Daniell and Barn Owl since they rarely toured to this area and I had seen SRB many times prior to – and subsequent to – this evening. I made the right choice that night. Daniell’s material is always so inviting and warm and intricate. If you don’t know his work from San Agustin or solo, dive in as it is always great. 

7 – Double Leopards – untitled (August 19, 2004 – Cat’s Cradle, Carrboro)

An opening set for Sonic Youth (see “Expressway to Yr Skull” from Rayborn Archives Vol 1) and the only time I ever saw the Double Leopards do their thing. Mesmerizing, as you’ll hear here. 

8 – Mary Lattimore & Jeff Ziegler – untitled (October 10, 2015 – The Pinhook, Durham)

Speaking of mesmerizing, Lattimore and Ziegler have a real chemistry that comes from being intuitive performers with a long playing history together. This represents their entire set on a bill with Steve Gunn and band from 2015. The ebb and flow of Mary’s harp/effects and Jeff’s synths is pretty special. 

9 – Daniel Bachman’s Boogie Band – Catfish Bath (September 17, 2016 – The Pinhook, Durham)

Daniel told me that he had been working on a “boogie band” concept and was excited for me to check it out. Sure, he had stepped out of his “normal” performing guise to do a few Sabbath sets (Carrboro Music Festival’s “Iron Man” and the epic drone reimagining of “War Pigs” with James Toth at the TLR/WXDU Hopscotch Day party), but a practiced band? Count me in. If memory serves it was close to a seven or eight piece affair with all sorts of folks sitting in on this mutl-guitar jam, some local, some from Virginia. Boogie indeed. Folks are really going to dig this slab. Shame that this didn’t happen more often! 

10 – Silkworm – Ooh La La [The Faces] (September 16, 2008 – Duke Coffeehouse, Duke University, Durham)

The first show that Jonas Blank booked at the Coffeehouse after my having done it for the couple of years prior was a great one – Silkworm and Dianogah. Having Silkworm close out with “Ooh La La”? Completely sublime. 

Compiled by Cory Rayborn, Esq. — find volumes one, two, three, and four.

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