Los Days :: Singing Sands

Just north of Joshua Tree National Park, in Southern California’s Morongo Basin, lies the unincorporated community of Wonder Valley. Among the area’s collection of “jackrabbit” style homesteads and abandoned structures is a single-room, solar powered home dubbed “House of The Rising Sun.” It was here in this enchanted location that Tommy Guerrero and Josh Lippi, under new moniker Los Days, spent five days writing and recording the instrumental album Singing Sands, released in May on Too Good Records. It’s a top notch desert oasis soundtrack, offering compositions that evoke lazy afternoons in the cantina, sinister antagonists on the prowl, and the expanse of the cosmos, inner and outer. Those in tune with Guerrero’s solo album sounds will be pleased; Los Days feels right at home (though far from redundant) among his extensive musical library. Lippi has his own groove here too, bringing stellar musicianship to each of the twelve tracks, having built a strong rapport with Guerrero while touring as a member of his backing band. Patient, Dick Dale-toned riffs, acoustic Latin licks, and twilight-tinged melodic picking, all of which saunter alongside reliable percussion. A dusty and leisurely remote must-listen. | k fortinsky

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