Cornelia Murr :: Different This Time

We last caught up with Cornelia Murr on the heels of her 2018 debut, Lake Tear of The Clouds, via her Lagniappe entry covering Nina Simone and Patsy Cline. Enter 2020: in addition to recording Lake Tear’s follow-up (expected 2021) Murr has made the most of lockdown by resuscitating an abandoned video shoot from the previous year. It’s oddly timely, and it’s great. Be sure to check out Murr’s behind-the-scene notes following the video, below.

This video took a long and winding path to come into being. I’d always wanted to make one for this song off my 2018 record, but things seemed to fall apart every time I tried, as if a curse was at work. Then in the Summer of 2019, the idea began to stir again. Some amazing collaborators came my way and we raised the entirety of the video budget in one night by throwing an experimental house show— Devendra Banhart DJed, Rodrigo Amarante and I played, along with our friends, Plumeria, and great collaborators Destefano DeLuise and Jackie Bao. The night was a genuinely inspiring event, showing just what the kindness of friends can generate. The shoot went well, even the peacocks were more willing to participate than we could have ever dreamed, but then–once again–we faced difficulty. There were challenges in the edit, the budget had dried up, and the video sat dormant throughout the past year. Now in this new universe of 2020, thanks to the unlikely gift of time granted by the quarantine, we were able to finally finish it. Perhaps even the subject of couple’s therapy has become all the more relevant?) However strange the timing is, it feels just right somehow. For all the people who have let me know this song is meaningful to you, this is for you.

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