Badge Époque Ensemble :: Unity (It’s Up To You)

Toronto’s instrumental wrecking crew the Badge Époque Ensemble expand to eight bodies on “Unity (It’s Up To You)” with the full-time addition of sax hero Karen Ng and the boundless talents of guest vocalist James Baley. The second single from their upcoming album Self Help is liquid and libidinous, winding through six minutes of ebbing, flowing jazz-funk. It comes complete with the Ensemble’s most ambitious video project to date, a vibrantly colourful claymation acid trip that reportedly required six months of work.

Alex Kingsmill previously created the group’s video for “Undressed In Solitude”, but this planète sauvage is an entirely different artistic dimension inhabited by beastly creatures, cosmic yin yangs, and the birth of life itself. It’s one of the most enjoyable smash-ups of sound and vision that’s arrived this year, setting the stage for the grand rollout of the group’s third 12” release. If they keep cooking with this much grease, Badge Époque can keep all the heads well fed. | j locke

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