Transmissions :: Hari Kunzru

This week on Transmissions, Hari Kunzru in conversation with host Jason P. Woodbury. Kunzru is a novelist and writer; his latest is called Red Pill. It’s about a writer who receives a fellowship in Germany, where he finds himself sucked into a spiral of reactionary thinking. His other 2020 project is a podcast called Into the Zone, from Puskin Industries. It’s a podcast about, well, to put it in reductive terms, the opposite of reactive thinking. Examining the liminal space between borders—visiting Stonehenge, remarking on the early days of the internet, examining what divides country from the blues, and even what constitutes life—and what constitutes death—Kunzru blurs binaries and swims in the waters of the undefined and fascinating.

Transmissions :: Hari Kunzru

A quick note: we recorded this show before the election.

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Episode playlist: Fred Thomas, “Hang Glider” ++ “Upward” ++ “Midmorning” from All Energy Must Continue Upward, available at Good Class Records.

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