Unearthed, Vol. 13 :: All Wrongs Reversed

Did indie rock peak in 1995? It feels like it did — but it’s possible that I think that because I was an impressionable 16-year-old then, having my mind blown week after week by the underground’s leading lights. Whatever, we can all agree that the indie scene was thriving 25 years ago, and the latest Unearthed bootleg mix gathers together some tasty live ’95 jams for your listening pleasure. Most of the big names are here, along with a few slightly underappreciated artists. Turn back the clock and take a dip in the Diamond Sea. | t wilcox / photo jae brown

Grounded – Pavement / My Valuable Hunting Knife – Guided By Voices / Pablo and Andrea – Yo La Tengo / Butterfly Effect – Pell Mell / 23 Minutes In Brussels – Luna / Tin Cans and Twine – Tortoise / Still In Love – Cat Power / My Pal The Tortoise – Thinking Fellers Union Local 282 / The Recognition Scene – Mountain Goats / Soul of Patrick Lee – SF Seals / Baby – Beck / Shimmer – Throwing Muses / Pop Quiz – Stereolab / May Queen – Liz Phair / Tantric Porno – Bardo Pond / Twin Falls – Built To Spill / The Diamond Sea – Sonic Youth 

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