Neil Young & Crazy Horse :: Danger Birds (A 40-Minute Live Megamix)

Two notable Neil Young dates this week — the man’s 75th birthday today and the 45th anniversary of his classic Zuma LP this past Tuesday. To celebrate, dig into a 40-minute live megamix of “Danger Bird,” one of Zuma’s most thoroughly awesome cuts. It’s primarily a Crazy Horse showcase, but there’s also room made for an exceedingly rare solo piano outing. “Danger Bird” is the sound of massive wings flapping, tectonic plates shifting, mountains forming. In a live setting, it’s only grown in stature, as the Horse soars like a shadow in the sky …  

Speaking of which, the “Danger Bird” plot will thicken considerably with the release of Young’s Archives, Vol. II this month. Among many other treasures, we get to finally hear “L.A. Girls and Ocean Boys,” a chilling solo tune from 1974 that Neil would brilliantly weave into “Danger Bird” the following year. Oh, and the Zuma outtakes are guaranteed to blow your mind. | t wilcox

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