Josiah Steinbrick :: Liquid / Devotion & Tongue Street Blue

On Liquid / Devotion & Tongue Street Blue, the new album from Josiah Steinbrick, the composer continues his explorative saga of Fourth world neoclassicism. Ever the adventurist, Steinbrick gleefully, and not without a hint of mischief, hops around a sandbox of his own prism-defying distortions. Whether ringing out like church bells or submerging deep into amorphous caverns, these new pieces run the gamut from crystalline ambience, 8-bit arcade aqua-beats, and misty Donkey Kong Country tones to minimalist tribal percussion, languid glistening soundscapes, and droning industrial hymns. Think of a head-on collision between Wally Badarou’s Echoes and Wayne Horvitz’s This New Generation. Or just press play. | c depasquale

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