Transmissions :: Yves Jarvis (plus Vic Berger & Doug Lussenhop)

Incoming transmission from…Yves Jarvis. The singer/songwriter/producer’s latest is called Sundry Rock Song Stock, and it’s a blur of soft-focus pop and shimmering melodic mirages. He joined us from the Tree Museum in Ontario to discuss his interest in progressive rock, creative approach, the disparate influence of Joni Mitchell, Bill Bruford, and Kanye. Plus, a check in with Vic Berger IV and Doug Lussenhop of Tim Heidecker‘s Office Hours regarding their upcoming noise-show-slash-audio-visual experience, Drop Concert: The Motion Picture, featuring a baffling sonic collage of clips, loops, and found sound drops combined with Heidecker’s improvised keyboard and animation by Ben Levin. 

Transmissions :: Yves Jarvis (plus Vic Berger and Doug Lussenhop

Episode playlist: Yves Jarvis—”For Props” ++ Vic Berger IV—”Harmony IV” ++ Yves Jarvis—”In Every Mountain” ++ Young Hierophant—”The Thin Place” ++ Yves Jarvis—”Emblem”

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