The Moore Brothers :: Autobiography

One of the underground’s best-kept secrets for close to two decades, the Moore Brothers have painted another masterpiece with Autobiography, which arrives relatively hot on the heels of 2018’s lovely Winters. Siblings Thom and Greg Moore are still finding new ways to bend their voices into odd shapes, conjuring up harmonies that are both perfectly poppy and perfectly strange. There are comparisons to be made — early Pink Floyd, the Zombies, the Soft Boys — but really, the Moore Brothers have created their own language and play by their own rules. Each song here offers something fresh and unexpected, but somehow instantly familiar and welcoming. If anything, this record is a testament to the joys of singing together, of searching for that ideal vocal blend. The Brothers may never actually find it, but the search is enough. Autobiography also feels like a band record, with bassist Jun Ohnuki and drummer Chris Kidd providing a subtle, deceptively laid-back groove throughout, expertly following the often-unusual twists and turns of Greg and Thom’s songs. Make some room for the Moore Brothers in your life — you won’t regret it. | t wilcox

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